Function and Form Begin with Design
Our commitment to quality shall serve as our legacy
Not just for marine applications…

We pride ourselves on our custom work and can build just about anything to fit your needs, including; bimini for power and sail, bimini enclosures, hardtop enclosures, camper enclosures, aft curtains, drop curtains, mooring covers, cockpit covers, window covers, center console covers, dodgers, cockpit sunshades, seat covers and much more.

Even though marine work is our first love, we can also provide; ATV-enclosures, motorcycle covers, golf cart cushions and much more. Please inquire about these services.

Aureus Custom Canvas

Custom Marine Canvas

Aureus QR Code Sample

We keep a digital copy of your order

And you have the key. Each canvas order will have a unique scannable code (known as a QR code), which when scanned will automatically take you to a detailed description of your canvas order.

Aureus Custom Canvas could not have made it any easier to know what canvases you have, the colors, and materials. All you need to do is download an app that reads QR codes and you’ll be able to see a nicely organized table of your complete canvas order. We intentionally tie all the information to the boat, ATV, or serial number of whatever the application is for, so both new and used purchasers will always be able to find the specifics of their order.

Click here to see an example.